Take care of your
health & soul

Luxury Spa

Designed to offer each guest a personal sanctuary away from the bustle of modern city life, our spa ensures an unparalleled experience. Our team of skilled therapists employs only the finest natural products and herbs, guaranteeing the ultimate spa indulgence. Following this, immerse yourself in our luxurious sauna and rejuvenating jacuzzi, completing your journey to relaxation and renewal.

Ladies and gents Spa
Ladies & Gents
Separate 20 heads each spa area for Ladies and Gents
Health club
Invigorating fitness haven with cutting-edge facilities for ultimate wellness retreat.
Beauty salon
Chic haven offering top-tier treatments for a transformative beauty experience.
Foot massage
Therapeutic foot indulgence fostering relaxation, rejuvenation, and soothing comfort.
Heat therapy sanctuary promoting detoxification, relaxation, and holistic well-being oasis.
Hydrotherapy haven fostering relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxurious aquatic tranquility experience.

Train hard,
never give up.


The Gymnasium at the Grand Mountain Hotel Matale embodies fitness elegance amidst scenic beauty. Boasting panoramic mountain views, it’s a cutting-edge facility adorned with top-tier equipment, fostering a haven where wellness meets luxury. Engage in revitalizing workouts while being captivated by nature’s breathtaking allure, a harmonious blend of serenity and fitness.


Clean clothes,
refreshed spirits.


At the Grand Mountain Hotel Matale, our laundry service is an epitome of meticulous care and efficiency. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and handled by skilled professionals, it guarantees impeccable cleanliness and swift turnaround, offering guests the assurance of crisp, fresh attire throughout their stay.